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Anasayfa / Psikoloji / Çocuk Psikolojisi / Innately Perverse Disposition

Innately Perverse Disposition

Innately Perverse Disposition

Yazar: Sigmund Freud

Kategori: Çocuk Psikolojisi

Yayınevi: Gece Kitaplığı

Stok: 5

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As regards the early and simple phanta-sies which could not be obviously traced to the influence of school impressions or of scenes taken from books, further information would have been welcome. Who was the child that was being beat-en? The one who was himself producing the phantasy or another? Was it always the same child or as often as not a different one? Who was it that was beating the child? A grown-up person? And if so, who? Or did the child imagine that he himself was beating another one? Nothing could be ascer-tai­ned that threw any light upon all these ques-ti­ons-only the hesitant reply: 'I know nothing more about it: a child is being beaten.

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Yayın Tarihi: 2020
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