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Migration Communication Adaptation

Migration Communication Adaptation

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There are no documents and information about the first immigration in the world. However, due to the hunter-gatherer style, people naturally migrated to places where food and water were sufficient. Therefore, migration has been an integral movement of human life since the beginning. Different factors and conjuncture forced people to migrate. People migrated through the ages for various reasons. Sometimes, the appeal of different geographies aracted people and caused immigration.

Ages have passed, and the nature and scope of migration have changed. The modern era needs a detailed analysis with its multi-faceted and complex structure. While high technology makes life easier, it also causes many problems. Despite all the magnificent developments, terrorist aacks, conflicts and wars have increased. The beneficial approach and hegemonic goals increased occupations and injustice.

Poverty and hunger have increased in the world. These and similar causes have led to mass migrations. Migration has turned into an international crisis. Immigrants are trying to complete the adaptation and integration process, in case of trauma, living under difficult conditions. It designs managements, plans and projects for the adaptation and integration process. It is used as the main means of communication, adaptation and integration processes, which are the main solution tools of difficult processes.

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