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Beşir Kitabevi - Yabancı Dil Kitaplar | Emma (Level -3) | Jane Austen

Emma (Level -3)Worldwide Readers

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Emma  (Level -3)
Emma (Level -3) Worldwide Readers
Beşir Kitabevi

Worldwide Readers Series List Level 3 Emma Frankenstain Dracula Middlemarch King Solomon's Mines Emma Emma woodhouse was beautiful, clever and rich. She was a young lady who had a comfortable life with his father in a fine house called Hartfield in the village of Highbury. She was only five when her mother died, so her father found a governess to raise and to educate Emma. When she became a young lady she intended to be the matchmaker of the lonely hearts. But for herself it began to be difficult to find happiness day by day... Would there be a possibility of love for Emma too?