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Tropikal Kitap | Flying U Ranch | B. M. Bower

Flying U Ranch

Etiket Fiyatı : 28,60
İndirimli Fiyat : 18,59
Kazancınız : 10,01
Taksitli fiyat : 9 x 2,17
Flying U Ranch
Flying U Ranch
Tropikal Kitap

Chapter 1. The Coming of a Native Son The Happy Family, waiting for the Sunday supper call,
were grouped around the open door of the bunk-house, gossiping idly of things purely local, when the Old Man returned from the Stock Association at Helena; beside him on the buggy seat sat a stranger.

The Old Man pulled up at the bunk-house, the stranger sprang out over the wheel with the agility which bespoke youthful muscles, and the Old Man introduced him with a quirk of the lips:“This is Mr. Mig-u-ell Rapponi, boys—a peeler straight from the Golden Gate. Throw out your war-bag and make yourself to home, Mig-u-ell; some of the boys'll show you where to bed down.”