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Beşir Kitabevi - Yabancı Dil Kitaplar | Level-6: Wuthering Heights (Au

Level-6: Wuthering Heights (Audio CD'li)

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Level-6: Wuthering Heights (Audio CD'li)
Level-6: Wuthering Heights (Audio CD'li)
Beşir Kitabevi - Yabancı Dil Kitaplar

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Level 6
Wuthering Heights
The Professor
Robinson Crusoe
Juurney To The Centre Of The Earth
Wuthering Heights

The Earnshaws and the Lintons are the two old, wealthy families settling in countryside of Yorkshire. Mr Earnshaw adopts a child called Heathcliff, without knowing that in the future this child is going to be a great harm to both families. When he grows enough and returns only to take revenge, he has the power to beat his enemies. Wuthering Heights is a novel that is based on this great revenge of Heathcliff and the eternal love of his, which is the reason for his existence.