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Moby Dick Stage 3
Moby Dick Stage 3
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Ignoring prophecies of doom, the seafarer Ishmael joins the crew of a whaling expedition that is an obsession for the ship's captain, Ahab. Once maimed by the White Whale, Moby Dick, Ahab has set out on a voyage of revenge. With godlike ferocity, he surges into dangerous waters-immune to the madness of his vision, refusing to be bested by the forces of nature.
An exhilarating whaling yarn, an apocalyptic theodicy, a tragic confessional, and a profound allegory, Moby Dick encompasses all that it means to be human-from the physical and metaphysical to the spiritual and emotional. Full of strange wisdom and wild digressive energy, it's a singular literary performance universally regarded as one of the great American novels.

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