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Gece Kitaplığı | The Beast In The Jungle | Henry James

The Beast In The Jungle

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Taksitli fiyat : 9 x 1,09
The Beast In The Jungle
The Beast In The Jungle
Gece Kitaplığı

Oh then he saw, but he was lost in wonder and found himself embarrassed. This, he also saw, made her sorry for him, as if her allusion had been a mistake. It took him but a moment, however, to feel it hadn't been, much as it had been a surprise. After the first little shock of it her knowledge on the contrary began, even if rather strangely, to taste sweet to him. She was the only other person in the world then who would have it, and she had had it all these years, while the fact of his having so breathed his se-cret had unaccountably faded from him.