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Platanus Publishing | Trouble for Lucia | Edward Frederic Benson

Trouble for Lucia

Etiket Fiyatı : 90,00
Taksitli fiyat : 9 x 10,77
Trouble for Lucia
Trouble for Lucia
Platanus Publishing

“It went beautifully. Odd trains of thought coursed through the heads of both. “Why is she such a hypocrite?” he wondered. “She was practising it half the afternoon.”...Simultaneously Lucia was saying to herself, “Georgie can't be reading it. He must have tried it before.” At the end were mutual congratulations: each thought that the other had read it wonderfully well. Then bed-time. She kissed her hand to him as she closed her bedroom door, and Georgie made a few revolutions in front of his mirror before divesting himself of the new suit. By a touching transference of emotions, Lucia had vivid dreams of heaving seas of ruby-coloured velvet, and Georgie of the new Cunard liner, Queen Mary, running aground in the river on a monstrous shoal of whiting and lobsters.”